ACLU sues Montana over domestic partnership rights

Posted by Matt Leach on

"MISSOULA, Mont. -- The ACLU is filing suit against the state on behalf of seven Montana homosexual couples.

"They are fighting to get the same rights as straight married couples.

"The couples say state law denies them rights when it comes to healthcare, end-of-life decisions, and inheritance.

"They want a judge to change the law to give them the same protection as married couples.

"In 2004, voters decided they didn't want gay marriage in Montana.

"To think that you fall in love, and to think you need to employ a host of lawyers. It's crazy. Montanan's value family structure, and our family deserves the same protections that the state provides other families," says Stacy Haugland.

"Some conservatives agree with the Montana constitution, which states marriage can only be between a man and a woman.

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