Arizona law bad for gay binational couples

As posted by Michelle Garcia on

"Immigration Equality, one of the nation's top organizations lobbying for rights for LGBT families in the realm of immigration, is condemning Arizona's controversial new law.

"The legislation, signed by Governor Jan Brewer last week, would authorize police to stop anyone suspected of being an illegal immigrant to demand proof of citizenship.

"'The lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community knows all too well how easily people who 'look different' can be singled out for harassment and prosecution,' writes Immigration Equality executive director Rachel Tiven. 'In addition, LGBT immigrant families are too familiar with the double burden of immigration discrimination. Now Arizona’s LGBT families have yet another reason to be alarmed. The state’s new law threatens to tear apart families, separate children from their parents and rip apart loving couples who are building their lives together. Forty percent of LGBT binational couples in the United States include a Latino family member. For them, and their loved ones, Arizona is now the most dangerous place in America.'"

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