Freedom to Marry’s Michael Crawford named to “10 People Who Make Us Proud” list by Washington Blade

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"The LGBT residents of Washington, D.C., have much to celebrate this year, following the historic enactment of the freedom to marry in March. In addition, D.C. is home to many innovative and hard-working LGBT entrepreneurs, activists, politicians and other professionals we can be proud of.

"Here, we present 10 such LGBT people. Some are nationally known (Rep. Patrick Murphy, Chely Wright, Lt. Dan Choi) for their bold work on behalf of LGBT rights. Others helped make marriage equality a reality in D.C. (Michael Crawford, David Catania), while still others are helping to advance equality while smashing stereotypes (Dana Beyer, Linda McAlister).

Master of marriage messaging


"After helping to secure the freedom to marry in D.C., Michael Crawford is a person the LGBT community can be proud of.

"Crawford first moved to D.C. to help organize the 2000 Millennium March on Washington for LGBT Equal Rights.

"He co-founded and co-chaired D.C. for Marriage, a grassroots organization.

"According to Crawford, one of the best parts about the recent win in D.C. was the high number of African-American supporters — both LGBT and straight — who were active and visible in the fight. He thinks one of the keys to winning marriage equality in other places is to include the African-American community, as well as local faith leaders.

“'I was happy to play a role in that,” said Crawford.

"Since February, Crawford has been in New York, working as the Director of New Media at Freedom to Marry, where he is in charge of the national organization’s online presence. He organizes everything from the website to a Facebook page and Twitter account. He also works to figure out ways to use social networking, blogging, online videos and other emerging media to advance marriage equality.

"Crawford uses these media outlets to get different organizations, including grassroots and national groups, working together to get a “diversity of tactics and strategies.”

"A major part of that effort is using Freedom to Marry’s “Roadmap to Victory,” which includes three major steps: win more states, build a majority and advance federally.

"Activists often have many factors that motivate and inspire them to do their work, and Crawford is no exception. He fights because he wants sexual orientation to not be a factor in a person’s success.

“'I want young LGBT people to effectively rule the world,” said Crawford.

"Crawford is the managing editor of and a member of the editorial team for He also blogs at Huffington Post.

"Crawford has served as associate field director at the Human Rights Campaign, specializing in working with state and local advocacy groups to advance legislation.

"Crawford served as communications director at Energy Action Coalition, a coalition of youth and student organizations working on a clean energy movement. He was also the online director for Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington.

"In addition, he was awarded the Gay & Lesbian Activists Alliance Distinguished Service Award.

"Crawford said he makes it back to D.C. as often as possible and intends to be part of the Pride parade this year.

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