Georgia Couples Tell Their Stories of Love, Commitment, and Marriage

As the National Organization for Marriage spewed lies and distortions about gay families during their recent Summer for Marriage stop in Atlanta, local activists knew it was important for the public to hear real stories of real families who are harmed from the discriminatory agenda NOM is pursuing around the country.  Our friends at Georgia Equality have put together an incredible video series telling the stories of real families in Atlanta whohave been harmed by marriage discrimination.  Many of the folks featured in these videos are well knownmembers of the community who have devoted their lives to making Atlanta abetter place. Despite their devotion to the community, their loving andcommitted relationships have no legal recognitions. Take a minute and watchthese inspiring couples tell their stories:


One couple, Rev. Brad Schmeling and Rev. Darin Easler, havebeen together for 6 years. And despite the fact that, as ministers, they canperform marriages, they’re still denied the right to marry each other:





Cathy Woolard and Karen Geney have spent the past 22 yearstogether. Cathy was the first woman to serve as President of the Atlanta CityCouncil in 2002.





Alex Wan, an Atlanta City Councilmember is entrusted with makinghuge decisions that impact the lives of people in the city, yet isn't entrustedwith the basic right to marry his partner.




The Executive Director of Georgia Association of Elected Officials and his physician partner help ensure people have access to health and full civilrights - yet they can't access the protections they want and need to protecttheir own family.