In the name of love

By Tony Javed, Online Communications Manager, Freedom to Marry

"Pride Day has just passed in New York and we at Freedom to Marry are feeling especially proud. We are proud to move forward marriage equality and the methods we are using to achieve it.

"This sentiment is even more in evidence after screening the ire-inspiring documentary, 8: The Morman Proposition that opened last week.

"The film is a comprehensive look at the mind-boggling amount of time and money that was spent to the pass Prop 8 (still only by a slim margin) and how the Church of Latter Day Saints surreptitiously spearheaded the initiative to the repeal marriage to same-sex couples in California. Perhaps most shocking are the strong-arm methods employed by the Church officials to intimidate its members into funding this misguided mission.

"If you need an extra reason to get fired up, this is film is the perfect flint.

"I’ll offer just one simple observation from the many the film elicits. The Mormon church clearly enjoyed a hard won success yet refuses to speak on this success.

"I find that curious since my notion of pride is to celebrate who we are and our ideals. From my perspective pride is born of a sense of honesty and impels us to let it be known.

"Whatever the reason it underscores the plain fact those working to achieve the freedom to marry for all are 'fighting the good fight' and doing so with transparency in stark contrast to our opponents. And we are fully prepared to tell anyone who will listen!

"This is why in the coming months you will be seeing more of Freedom to Marry. Hearing more from us. And most importantly, hearing about the many ways you can help our efforts.

"For now, I invite you to sign the Freedom to Marry Pledge to work to enable same-sex couples and their families to share equally in the responsibilities, protections, and commitment of marriage."