Mary Kay Totty

The Reverend Mary Kay Totty is the paster of Dumbarton United Methodist Church in Washington, D.C. 

On March 11, 2010, Rev. Totty wrote a post titled, "An answer to our prayers" on the DC Agenda website discussing newly legal weddings of same-sex couples in the District:

"Recognizing such marriages is a logical step for my 238-year-old congregation, Dumbarton United Methodist Church — the first Methodist church in the District. In 1987, seeking to open our hearts, minds and doors, we publicly welcomed lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people and their families into full participation in the life and ministries of the congregation and we continue to do so today. We rejoice that at this point in history, the arc of justice now bends toward equal recognition of marriage for all couples.

"Now, with marriage equality in the District of Columbia, our congregation will give its full support and blessing to those who have been excluded from this sacred rite. We will honor and celebrate the wedding of any couple, licensed in D.C., who seek to commit their lives to one another in marriage."

Then on March 27, 2010, in the face of opposition by the United Methodist Church to pastors performing same-sex weddings Washington, D.C., Rev. Totty put her job on the line saying:

"The institutional church has for so many years oppressed and excluded and harmed our [lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender] sisters and brothers," Totty said. "We have to say: 'Enough already. These are people's lives and loves that we continue to exclude from the fullness of life in the church.' "[Link]

Freedom to Marry salutes the Rev. Mary Kay Totty as a Voice for Equality.

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