Voice for Equality: Dennis Kucinich

US Representative Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) was born in Cleveland, Ohio on October 8, 1946. He is the eldest of 7 children of Frank and Virginia Kucinich. Kucinich has held many jobs outside of politics including being a hospital orderly, newspaper copy boy, teacher, consultant, television analyst and author.

Since being elected to Congress in 1996, Kucinich has been a tireless advocate for worker rights, civil rights and human rights for all people including the LGBT community.

On July 16, 2003, The Cleveland Plain Dealer reported: "Rep. Dennis Kucinich, whose political stances are attracting support from an array of liberal and celebrity donors, yesterday came out in support of same-sex marriage." They also quoted him as saying, "We cannot have states making separate rules with respect to basic human rights."
Again, during the 2007 Democratic primary debate when asked about gay marriage and LGBT rights: “When you understand what real equality is, you understand that people who love each other must have the opportunity to be able to express that in a way that is meaningful…the state should…make sure that love has the chance to be facilitated.”
Thank you Chaya Himelfarb for nominating Congressman Dennis Kucinich as a Voice for Equality!

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