Anthony & Bradford discuss their struggle to stay together under DOMA

We wrote several weeks ago about the heartbreaking story of Anthony and Bradford, a legally married binational couple from San Francisco who were facing separation and deportation due to the so-called Defense of Marriage Act. Anthony and Bradford have been together for seven years- Anthony is a citizen of Australia, while Bradford is an American citizen. Anthony is the primary caregiver to Bradford, who has AIDS.

Earlier this month, the Obama Administration cited DOMA in its initial decision to deny immigration benefits to the couple. Anthony and Bradford's are just one of an estimated 40,000 binational same-sex couples in the US who face possible deportation due to DOMA, but in recent weeks, their story has received heightened media attention. And now, a recent change in the Obama Adminstration's deportation policy coupled with the President's decision to declare Section 3 of DOMA unconstitutional, same-sex couples like Anthony and Bradford have a renewed hope that federal marriage discrimination won't be able to tear apart their families.

Anthony and Bradford recently sat down with MSNBC's Thomas Roberts to discuss their impending case and the struggles they have faced because of DOMA. Watch their story and then contact your federal elected officials and ask them to support the Respect for Marriage Act, the bill that will overturn DOMA.


H/T: Towleroad