COMMENTARY: The Athletic Supporter ponders a pro-athlete’s support

Posted by Roman Jimenez on

"Popular former San Diego Chargers cornerback, Antonio Cromartie now with the New York Jets, has officially joined the NOH8 Campaign, making him the first bonafide star from a major sports franchise to come out in support of the campaign to support the freedom to marry.

"NOH8 is a photographic silent protest created by celebrity photographer Adam Bouska and partner Jeff Parshley, in direct response to the passage of California’s Proposition 8, an amendment to the state’s constitution which stated 'Only a marriage between a man and woman will be valid or recognized in the State of California.'

"The NOH8 photos feature subjects with 'NOH8' painted on one cheek and duct tape over their mouths, symbolizing their voices being silenced by Prop. 8 and similar legislation around the world.

"Since launching the project two years ago, Adam and Jeff have added over 7,700 unique photos to their campaign's website, consisting of both celebrities and every-day people in support of the cause.

"'This gesture by Cromartie is incredible and ground breaking,' posted J. Pete Olsen, author of the gay sports blog Wide Rights. 'I hope more athletes follow Cromartie’s lead and continue to vocalize their support,' Olsen continued. 'Without the explicit action, we do not know how much support we really have.'

"Cromartie isn’t the only 'ally' LGBT fans have in the National Football League [Freedom to Marry Voices for Equality Scott Fujito and Brendan Ayanbadejo being two more], but he is perhaps the most unexpected.

... "So, personally, I’d like to thank Antonio Cromartie for his courageous support of a cause I didn’t even know he supported. I want to thank him for being brave enough to stand up for something some of his fellow teammates may well disagree with."

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