Conservative group: We won’t give up fight for marriage vote in Iowa Senate

Posted by Jennifer Jacobs on

"A conservative group says it has only begun to fight for a vote of the people on marriage equality, despite a failed attempt to force a vote in the Iowa Senate today.

“'We can only interpret the action by the Senate Democrats this morning as a vote against marriage and the people’s right to vote on our constitution,' said a written statement from Chuck Hurley and Danny Carroll of the Family Leader.

"Hurley and Carroll said they know the debate about rules was confusing.

"The motion senators considered was whether to break Senate tradition by overruling the decision of the Democratic Senate president to not call up the marriage proposal for a vote.

“'Supposedly this has never been done in the last 40 years of Senate history and tradition,' the statement says, referring to overriding the majority party leader.

“'We all understand the importance of tradition in our families and communities. However, the tradition of marriage as designed and created by God trumps any of the traditions of man, including the Iowa Senate.'

"A post-script added: 'We have only begun to fight. Stay tuned for the next round, and pray for justice!'”

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