Guest Post: Doing the Legwork to Build Support for Marriage in Maryland

Written by Joseph Arroyo, an Equality California Field Manager who is working with us in Maryland. A House vote on the marriage bill passed by the Senate is likely to happen this week.

I’ve hit the ground running! I’ve been in Maryland for two days, and I have already talked to incredible numbers of voters who support the freedom to marry. Working in communities of color, I have met with people from all walks of life who believe that equal rights should include gays and lesbians. From their homes to shopping malls to churches, the residents of Maryland have made it crystal clear that they support marriage for all Marylanders.

The personal stories of why Marylanders support marriage have moved me to fight harder, and hopefully move the delegates that we need to win this week as well. I spoke with a voter named Stephanie who’s currently in the military – she shared the story of her best friend Sarah who happens to be a lesbian in the military. Stephanie spoke about how they became friends through their shared service and didn’t understand why Sarah, a person who fights to protect the liberties of all Americans, should be denied the basic right of marriage and happiness.

My transition from the plane to the field was done with great ease because of the amazing staffers at Equality Maryland. The support from staffers like Allison Beal, Karess Taylor-Hughes, and Aimee Martin has made the hard work fun instead of stressful. Whether the team was asking for letters in the rain or at a grocery store parking lot, it has always been enjoyable because we are a part of a bigger team. I hope that everyone in Maryland gets the opportunity to take action, whether it is on the phones, in-person, or at the door in these next crucial days to pass marriage in "Marryland"!

If you're interested in volunteering, please email Cameron Tolle at

If you're in Maryland but not able to help out in person, you can still email your House Delegate about the marriage bill by clicking here: