Follow the marriage campaigns with our Live Blog!

All day today, Freedom to Marry will be live blogging HERE to give you the latest Election Day updates on all four marriage-related ballot measures. It's going to be a busy day in Maine, Maryland, Minnesota, and Washington, where the campaign teams are on the ground running and working to GET OUT THE VOTE so that all of their hard work pays off tonight as the polls begin to close.

With four states voting on the freedom to marry, there are bound to be dozens of updates. Stay on top of all of them at the same time with our live blog! 

And if you're on Twitter, make sure you use the hashtag #Marriage2012 so you can stay clued into the conversation! 

For a primer on Maine's Yes on 1 campaign, Maryland's Vote For 6 campaign, Minnesota's Vote NO campaign, and Washington's Approve Referendum 74 campaign, CLICK HERE. And to meet loving and committed same-sex couples in each of the states, click HERE.