Gallup poll is the latest to show supermajority support for the freedom to marry

Today, May 19, Gallup released a new poll that showed that 60% of its participants supported the freedom to marry, the highest Gallup has found since 1996, when it first began polling around the issue. The number is up five points from last year, when the poll showed that 55% of Americans supported the freedom to marry.

The percentage of those supporting marriage for same-sex couples has grown in all political categories, with Democrats' support rising from 74% last year to 76% this year, Independents' support rising from 58% to 64%, and Republicans' support increasing the most, rising from 30% to 37%.

This most recent Gallup Poll is one of several national polls in the past months that have shown a supermajority of Americans supporting the freedom to marry. These polls show that America is - by a large margin - ready for the freedom to marry.

This poll comes out just weeks after the United States Supreme Court heard arguments on the freedom to marry on April 28 in marriage cases from Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio, and Michigan, with a ruling expected later this summer.

As more and more Americans stand up for the rights and responsibilities of marriage for all loving, committed couples, Freedom to Marry urges the United States Supreme Court to follow in their footsteps and rule on the right side of history next month.

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