In the Life Media tracks Republican Party’s shifting views on marriage

This week, In The Life Media released a new special called "Rhetoric and Reality," where the program tracks the changing tides in the Republica Party's views on marriage for same-sex couples.
The video spotlights some of the vehement anti-marriage rhetoric we've seen in the modern Republican Party over the past few years - including anti-gay assertions from Michele Bachmann and Tennessee senator Stacey Campfield, who pushed a "Don't Say Gay" bill in his state. 
Then, the special demonstrates how some Republicans are working against those negative perspectives and speaking out proudly as conservatives who support the freedom to marry.
Our Young Conservatives for the Freedom to Marry coalition is highlighted toward the end of the special, with two of our Leadership Committee members - Madeline Koch and Sarah Longwell - speaking out in favor of marriage for same-sex couples. 
Madeline Koch, a prominent voice for young people supporting the freedom to marry in Minnesota, says:
I think it's important as a conservative that we are not about limiting freedom and not about limiting rights.  If we're put into the conservative bucket, it doesn't mean that we're anti-gay rights. 
The feature ends with a look at Richard Tisei, an openly gay politician from Massachusetts campaigning for a seat in Congress. Tisei explains his place in the party and how people like him are projecting the fact that Republicans are not all anti-gay opponents of the freedom to marry. Tisei, who lives and owns a business with his longterm partner, says:
Obviously, the party over the past few years hasn't lived up to what its original purpose was - the Republican party was a party founded on the basis of equality. Historically, there are trends and waves that take place, and we're in one right now. But I don't think that anything's going to happen to push back the advancements being made. People will look back ten years from now and say, 'What was the big fuss about?' I think most people understand in this country that we'll never have true equality unless you have people on both sides of the aisle who are willing to stand up when an issue comes up and say, 'We should treat everyone equally. We should treat everyone fairly underthe law.'

Watch the special below, learn more about why marriage matters for Republican voters, and check out our Young Conservatives for the Freedom to Marry page HERE