It’s easier than you think to phone bank for the freedom to marry!

With such terrible weather across the nation this week, Freedom to Marry is excited to steer our followers toward remote phone banking opportunities so that you can help win marriage from home! Phone banking is the easiest and most important way for marriage supporters to get involved and volunteer. It's easy, it costs nothing, and it makes the biggest difference this year by reaching our most critical group: undecided citizens in battleground states who have not yet heard the stories of gay and lesbian couples, and whose votes could change lives on Election Day.

Some people are intimidated by the concept of phone banking because they think they're not good on the phone or don't feel comfortable making calls about marriage. I was nervous the first time I phone banked, too.

Last month, during my Volunteer Vacation to Washington, I made calls to residents in Seattle, Shoreline, and even as far as Spokane in the eastern part of the state. And just last week, I phone banked back in New York City, making calls to Minnesota to talk to voters about the harms of passing a constitutional amendment that would permanently limit the freedom to marry in the state.

I was happily surprised at the number of people who engaged in conversations with me, even when they didn't consider themselves supportive. Several people indicated interest at the information I gave them, and others told me it was the first time they'd thought about marriage for same-sex couples. Even when I couldn't tell whether I'd persuaded someone, I knew they would remember our conversation for a long time. The experience was fulfilling, and I really felt like I was making a change.

You can make a change, too - from the comfort of your own couch! Just sign up HERE to make remote calls to Washington state, or HERE to make calls to Mainers. Organizers from the campaigns will get in touch with you shortly to set you up with the technology, answer all of your questions, and get you ready to make calls. Whether you can give an hour or a whole day, your help is greatly appreciated and will make a huge difference in the next week, as Election Day grows ever closer.

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