Laura and Kelly in Minnesota: ‘No one should have to wait any longer for basic freedom’

This week, Minnesotans United for All Families released a new video as part of its 'Real Minnesotans United for Marriage' vdieo series.

The spot features Laura and Kelly Olmsted from Roseville, MN. Laura said in the video, "Kelly and I have pledged our lives to each other. We made a lifetime commitment to each other. We stood before our friends and family and promised to build a future together."

Laura was one of many Minnesotans who testified before a key House committee that heard - and voted to advance - the marriage bill earlier this year.

"We wanted to make sure the committee knew that there are families that look like ours - children that look like ours - all across Minnesota, and they deserve the same rights and protections as any other family," Laura explained. 

The marriage bill in Minnesota has been advanced to the full House floor and the full Senate floor. It now awaits votes in both chambers. Learn more about Minnesota HERE