Make marriage equality a New Year’s resolution

Posted by Brendan Bolger on

"Marriage advocates [in Australia] are calling on marriage equality supporters to make a New Year's resolution to meet their MP at a time when the religious right is organising a counter campaign to equality.

"Greens Senator Sarah Hanson-Young urged supporters to make a New Year's resolution to meet with their local MP on the issue.

"'Most of us set New Year’s resolutions, but unfortunately we don’t always keep them. Meeting with your local MP to explain your support for marriage equality is a New Year’s resolution everyone can keep. And it’s one that will have a lasting impact,' Hanson-Young said.

“'It’s clear that the momentum for marriage equality is growing. This has been a huge issue in 2010 and it’s only going to get bigger in 2011,' she continued.

"'This is an opportunity for all Australians to play their part in the debate and to try to influence policy making for the better.'

"The Senator made the comments in response to a new webpage launched by Australian Marriage Equality (AME) which assists people in setting up a meeting with their MP.

"AME co-convenor Alex Greenwich said making personal contact with elected representatives will make a difference in the campaign for marriage equality.

"'The sudden upsurge in political support for marriage equality at the end of 2010 means in 2011 we have an historic opportunity to achieve reform,' he said.

... "It is understood the Australian Christian Lobby has launched a major letter-writing campaign against reforming the Marriage Act.

"'Opponents of marriage equality are highly organised, well-resourced and determined. Not only do they seek to impose their religious ideas on everyone else, but they do not respect the religious freedom of those church celebrants who want to marry same-sex partners,' Greenwich said.

"'If equality is to be achieved it's time for couples, parents, siblings, friends and celebrants to make their views known to their local MPs.'"

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