Marriage will officially appear on the ballot in Washington

Yesterday, the Secretary of State in Washington announced that Referendum 74 has officially qualified for the November 6 ballot in the state. In February, Washington Governor Christine Gregoire signed the freedom to marry into law, after a marriage bill was approved in both houses of the state legislature. 

But soon after Gov. Gregoire signed the historic bill, anti-gay activists opposed to the freedom to marry began gathering signatures in hopes of placing the marriage law on the November ballot and letting voters decide whether or not to approve the legislation. Last week, the anti-gay groups submitted 247,331 signatures of people who oppose marriage for all couples, passing the 120,577 required to put the law up to a referendum.

Now, in Referendum 74, Washington residents will be asked to support or reject the freedom to marry in November. A "yes" vote approves the law, upholding marriage for all couples. A "no" vote repeals the law. 

Washington United for Marriage, a coalition of advocates dedicated to upholding the freedom to marry for all couples in the state, has been working hard to talk to voters about the importance of approving Referendum 74. In tandemn with Freedom to Marry and other partners, Washington United for Marriage is speaking with Washington residents and making the case that marriage is the only way to truly protect same-sex couples and their families. 

Washington is a part of Freedom to Marry's Win More States Fund, which raises money for targeted marriage campaigns across the country. Every single penny donated to the Win More States Fund will go directly toward working to win marriage in Washington and other battleground states. You can help out the campaign for marriage in Washington by donating to the Win More States Fund here.