Nearly 300 congregations participate in National Weekend of Prayer for the Freedom to Marry

This weekend, in partnership with the Religious Institute and 18 other religious organizations, Freedom to Marry is hosting the National Weekend of Prayer for the Freedom to Marry.

Over 290 congregations from almost every state in the nation, representing 20 different religious denominations, will come together in prayer services and at vigils to pray that the values of love and the Golden Rule prevail over fear and discrimination.

Evan Wolfson, founder and president of Freedom to Marry, said that the weekend emphasized the growing support for the freedom to marry nationwide:

Support for the freedom to marry is at an all-time high nationwide, with more and more people of faith as well as mainstream denominations embracing the freedom to marry and celebrating couples' commitment. Heartfelt conversations, soul-searching, and reflection on key values such as the Golden Rule of treating others as you would want to be treated have moved millions of Americans into the majority for marriage that has created the climate for the courts, and now the Supreme Court, to end marriage discrimination in the law. It is time for the freedom to marry for all, leaving no state and no family out.

Reverend Debra Haffner, president of the Religious Institute, explained how supporting marriage for all couples is in line with many religious beliefs:

People across the country are coming together in support of love and family next week, and praying for the Supreme Court to recognize what our faiths affirm: that everyone should have the rights and responsibilities of marriage, no matter who they love, and that where there is love, the sacred is in our midst,” said Rev. Debra Haffner, President of the Religious Institute.

If you are interested in attending a National Weekend of Prayer service, click here to see a full list of the congregations participating.

The Weekend of Prayer comes just before the United States Supreme Court will hear oral arguments on the freedom to marry from Kentucky, Michigan, Tennessee, and Ohio on Tuesday, April 28. The congregations joining together to speak out in support of love and commitment show that all of America is ready for the freedom to marry.