New ad shows that Floridians agree that #LoveMustWin nationwide

Today, April 29, Freedom to Marry and Equality Florida released an ad that aired on local TV and online showing the positive impact the freedom to marry has had on Florida and that it's time for all couples - across the nation - to be able to marry.

On January 6, 2015, the stay expired in a marriage case in Florida, and same-sex couples across the state were able to get married, even as an appeal proceeds to the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals in a federal marriage ruling. "It strengthened our families," the ad says. "Strengthened our commitment to love and responsibility, and it's made our state more welcoming."

The ad goes on to explain how many marriage supporters have taken a stand for the freedom to marry in the Sunshine State, and how it's now time for the freedom to marry to come to every state in the country:

Now, business leaders, religious leaders, political leaders of all parties, and nearly 60% of Floridians agree: it's time for every American to have the freedom and protections that only marriage provides.

The ad concludes by asking viewers to help show that love must win. Over the past week, celebrities, allies, same-sex couples, politicians, and companies have been showing their support for the freedom to marry with the hashtag #LoveMustWin. See some of our favorite submissions here and share why you think #LoveMustWin on social media!

Watch the ad below: