Defeating the amendment in Minnesota

Nine months out from a critical vote on a constitutional amendment that would ban marriage for committed gay and lesbian couples, the Minnesotans United for All Families Campaign is working day and night to defeat this hurtful and unnecessary amendment. 

I've been working on the ground with the growing campaign team for the last several months and you can see and feel the momentum building daily. It is clear that Minnesotans are ready to step up and do the hard work this fight is going to take. 

And that's a very good thing, because this is not going to be easy. We need to raise millions of dollars and move hundreds of thousands of voters to be more supportive of marriage for gay and lesbian couples by Election Day. 

We absolutely have to use the time we have now to have conversations on the phone, at voters' doorsteps, and in our everyday interactions with friends, family, congregation members, and colleagues. 

The good news is, the conversation is simple! We're talking to voters about why marriage matters to them and why it matters to gay and lesbian couples for very similar reasons. And we're getting them to think about if a permanent ban on marriage for same-sex couples for all future generations of Minnesotans is something that they're really willing to do. 

But we can't do this work on the scale needed without thousands upon thousands of you getting involved in this conversation campaign now. If you're in the Twin Cities, there are currently phone banks 5 nights a week in St. Paul (click here to sign-up now) - and a new phone bank location in Duluth starting February 2nd (sign-up here)! And within the next few months, we will be in many, many more cities and towns throughout the state. 

For any other information on the campaign or how to get involved, you can go to:

So thank you in advance for you help to defeat this terrible amendment! We'll see you out there.