Respect for Marriage Coalition ad highlights military veteran’s support for marriage

Today, the Respect for Marriage Coalition launched its second national television advertisement, this piece featuring Republican Military Veteran Craig Stowell and his wife speaking out in favor of the freedom to marry. The ad is part of the Coalition's ongoing #Time4Marriage campaign, which features a broad spectrum of voices and urges Americans to join the bipartisan majority of people who support the freedom to marry.

The new advertisement, "Stowell," features Craig Stowell, a military veteran and Republican who has spoken out stridently in support of the freedom to marry in the past few years. He sits on the Leadership Committee for Young Conservatives for the Freedom to Marry and was a prominent leader in Standing Up for New Hampshire Families, which worked in 2012 to block an attempt at repealing the freedom to marry in the New Hampshire legislature.

"I didn't use to understand the importance of same-sex marriage, but after learning my brother was gay, I wanted the same rights for him," Stowell says in the ad, referencing his brother Calvin, who is gay. "He was the best man at my wedding, and I want to be the best man at his. It's only fair that Calvin should have the freedom to marry the person he loves, too." 

The Respect for Marriage Coalition is a partnership of more than 80 civil rights, faith, health, labor, business, legal, LGBT, student, and women's organizations working to overturn the so-called Defense of Marriage Act, which prohibits federal respect for legal marriages between same-sex couples. Freedom to Marry is proud to co-chair the Respect for Marriage Coalition alongside the Human Rights Campaign.

Over the coming weeks, the Respect for Marriage Coalition plans to spend more than $1 million to run the #Time4Marriage advertisements so that we can continue to build the momentum and grow the bipartisan majority for marriage. 

Watch the ad below, and learn more about the Respect for Marriage Coalition HERE.