Richard Carey nears the finish line of his Ride Across America

Since June 15, Richard Carey, a man with a passion for biking and the freedom to marry, has been biking across the country to raise money for Freedom to Marryand explain why he supports marriage for all couples to all of the people he meets along the way. He's spent time in Washington and Minnesota, two states facing marriage-related ballot initiatives in the November election, and he'll end his journey on Monday in Maine, which is working proactively to pass a citizen's initiative that would approve a freedom to marry law in the state.

Along the way, Richard has been maintaining an excellent blog to keep us all posted on his biking adventures, the people he's been meeting, and the conversations he's been having. Here's an excerpt from one of his most recent entries:

I went to a restored mill that had a number of shops selling "antiques" (rummage style stuff) that had a great ice cream shop as well. The mill also houses an Inn, which is run by a married gay couple. I stopped in to say hello. I relayed the info about my trip. What was not unexpected, but is probably surprising for people who don't understand the full marriage equality landscape, is that these two guys, while legally married in New York state, are impacted by DOMA in terms of filing federal taxes, registering the business as joint owners for estate purposes etc. So, they may have a somewhat blissful existence up here running an inn, but the job isn't finished until DOMA is repealed or struck down by Supreme Court. He took my card and wished me luck as well as promising to spread info on my ride. 

With just a few days left, Richard hasn't quite met his fundraising goal of $25,000, and he needs your help! Check out his personal fundraising page here! Since he's self-funding all of the costs he's incurred along the way, every single penny donated to his personal page will support Freedom to Marry and the work we do in winning more states, growing the majority for marriage, and overturning federal marriage discrimination. 

Read more about Richard herecheck out his on-the-road blog, and donate to his page here