Video: Cristina and Monica Fight Against DOMA

Written by Freedom to Marry Communications Intern Katie Garcia
Christina Alcota and Monica Ojeda, a legally married couple, face possible deportation or separation because the so-called Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA)  denies same-sex couples immigration protections. 

Christina, an American citizen, and Monica, an Argentinean national, met several years ago when Christina was in school studying social work. The couple were married in Connecticut. Now Christina, a social worker, and Monica, an antique furniture restorer, reside in Queens and face the threat of being torn apart because the DOMA bars the federal government from honoring their marriage for the purposes of immigration. 

In a new Freedom to Marry and In The Life Media video released today, Christina and Monica share their fears about being torn apart: 

For the Spanish version of this video, click here

For the Spanish version of this video with English subtitles, click here

In speaking of her future with Monica, Christina says, 
“Marriage is a bond, you know, that cannot be broken that easily.  In the future, I see us together. I want to say I see us here, but it is hard to say that. It’s devastating, you know, knowing that one day we can just be pulled apart from each other.”

Christina and Monica have shared their story with the Stop the Deportations campaign, urging President Obama to stop deporting law-abiding foreign-born same-sex spouses of American citizens out of the country pending the outcome of the legal challenges to DOMA.