Round-Up: Freedom to Marry staffers share why Supreme Court marriage cases matter

This week, a wide array of Freedom to Marry staffers spoke out in favor of the freedom to marry and shed some light on the two landmark legal cases heard by the Supreme Court this week. From our President Evan Wolfson to our National Campaign Director Marc Solomon and our Federal Director Jo Deutsch, our staff raised their voices in support of marriage and helped provide some context to these important cases. Check out video featuring our staffers:

Evan Wolfson with NY Attorney General Eric Schneiderman on MSNBC

Freedom to Marry founder and President Evan Wolfson joined New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman on MSNBC on Tuesday to talk about the marriage cases at the Supreme Court. "Every day that couples are denied the freedom to marry is real harm to those couples - it's an insult to their commitment and love. It means that parents will die without being able to dance at their kids' weddings. It means that kids are growing up - as Justice Kennedy acknowledged - without the security that marriage brings to many families. But in terms of the momentum, the very same freedom to marry strategy that has brought us to this moment - with 58% of the American people now supporting the freedom to marry, 81% of young people, 62% of evangelical Christians under the age of 32. That very strange freedom to marry strategy that has brought us to this moment will bring us to the freedom to marry nationwide - whether in June, when the Supreme Court rules, or in the next round. We're going to keep pushing, keep engaging, keep building support - and if not with these justices, then the next round. 


Marc Solomon Explains Why Marriage Matters on Democracy Now! 

This week, Freedom to Marry's National Campaign Director Marc Solomon appeared in two segments on Democracy Now! In one, he discussed Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg's comment during the DOMA oral arguments that DOMA creates two kinds of marriage - "full marriage" and "skim-milk marriage." Marc explained: "I think, you know, what she was talking about is that in America we don't have second-class citizens, nor should we have second-class marriages. And that's exactly what the so-called Defense of Marriage Act does." He spoke further about why marriage matters in an additional segment, where he directly addresses the 1,100 protections and responsibilities that DOMA deprives same-sex couples of. 


Marc also appeared on The Bill Press Show to explain how the U.S. Supreme Court's oral arguments would go. He said, "The freedom to marry is a fundamental freedom, and there's no reason to exclude gay and lesbian couples from marriage just because they're gay and lesbian."

Jo Deutsch on The Thom Hartmann Show 

Freedom to Marry Federal Director Jo Deutsch also spoke out for marriage this week. She appeared on The Thom Hartmann Show, where she explained how far the marriage movement has come in such a short amount of time. She said: "People are seeing first-hand what the impact of these discriminatory laws are on gay people and families. Whether you're lobbying on Capitol Hill or talking with friends, that's what's making the difference: Our stories. The story of Edie Windsor - what happened to this woman after being together with her partner for 40 years after her partner passed away - that's an amazing story. What happened to the military families where couples are legally married now but are not the first notified when their spouse is killed abroad. These are the realities that LGBTs are having right now because of DOMA." 


Jo and Teresa, her partner of 29 years, who shared their story with Freedom to Marry this fall, also spoke with The Huffington Post while attending an event outside of the Supreme Court building. 

Tyler Deaton Represents Young Conservatives for the Freedom to Marry on Current TV 

Tyler Deaton, the Campaign Manager for Young Conservatives for the Freedom to Marry, spoke on Current TV this week about conservatives embracing the freedom to marry for same-sex couples. He said, "I believe the Republican party has an opportunity here to get back to its roots and focus on individual liberty - and that's what the freedom to marry is all about." He referenced a poll from last month demonstrating that 52% of conservatives under the age of 50 support marriage, adding: "I don't believe there's a conservative definition of marriage - I believe that marriage is all about love and commitment, and marriage itself is a fairly conservative institution - that's one reason that the conservative movement should embrace this question. We believe there should be a constitutional freedom in the United States." Watch it here: